About Founder

His Holiness Shri Vibudhesha Theertha Swamiji of Shri Admar Mutt, Udupi was the Founder of “Udupi Shri Admar Mutt Education Council”. Revered Swamiji was well-known for His unique contribution in the field of Education. Being a Peethadhipati, His Holiness had much concern about the children of Nation. So, he involved Himself in Spiritual as well as Educational fields and established 30 Educational Institutions of eminence imparting secular as well as spiritual education of incomparable quality, all over the Country.

Revered Swamiji was a pioneer in the field of education whose Vision is a guiding light and spirit for all Poornaprajna Institutions. The Poornaprajna Institutions founded by Him in all over the country have become landmark Institutions and Centers of Excellence.

His Holiness Swamiji ascended the Peetha of Shri Admar Mutt, Udupi at the age of 17. Tarka Kesari Padamunnur Narayana Acharya, a Pandit Stalwart in all shastras guided His Holiness Swamiji in mastering the shastriya knowledge of Vedantha, Nyaya, Mimaamsa, etc. His Holiness Swamiji fulfilled the dream of his Ashrama Guru, Shri Raghumanya Theertha Swamiji, by completing the monumental building of SMSP Sanskrit Mahapathashala in Udupi in the year 1951. His Holiness went on adding new Institutions to the list of educational institutions which have established uniqueness in their functioning and the spread of quality education.

His Holiness Shri Vibudhesha Theertha Swamiji had great regard for research in basic and pure sciences. Under the banner of Admar Mutt Education Foundation, His Holiness started the most prestigious Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research in the year 1998. His visit to USA in the year 1993 and to UK in the year 1995 had definite aims. In United States of America, 17 chapters and 17 centres had been established for the purpose of funding Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research at Bengaluru; and Admar Mutt Education Foundation of North America Inc. got incorporated as a non-profit organization. In the United Kingdom, His Holiness suggested the "Summit on Religions and Conservation" to initiate an award, on the lines of Nobel Prize, to the country that contributes the best to the conservation of nature and environment.

In the year 1999, His Holiness Swamiji attended the deliberations of world religious leaders on 'Eradication of Poverty'. In the paper presented there, Swamiji strongly recommended local participation while formulating 'development programmes for eradication of poverty'.

Many Social activities were also undertaken by Swamiji, such as providing Housing and Medical Aid to the needy and poor people. He provided 52 houses near Bengaluru for the drought-hit families, provided 31 houses in Chikmagalur district and 7 houses in Makereddy Palli near Bagepalli. Swamiji adopted 3 villages in Bagepalli Taluk of Kolar district so as to look after 17 families for 7 to 8 months.

Swamiji's theme and values were 'Poornaprajna - the complete knowledge. Swamiji always said “A Nation’s future can be shaped only through the young ones of the Nation. In all Poornaprajna Institutions established by Swamiji, the main concern has been the development of integrated personality of the youth through proper training of their intellect, spirit, mind and body.